Monday, January 5, 2015

Art Festival Adventures of 2014

This year went fast! Very fast! Again! Every weekend on the road, thousands of miles  driving, hundreds of times packing, unpacking, setting up and taking down. 
The life that we have on the road is amazing, though some times challenging. 
Not often, but occasionally the thought of a steady paycheck sneaks into my head. 
It seems really attractive, but I would never (knocking on the wood) trade the freedom and independence I have. 

{a lot of times we are the last ones to set up and sometimes even at night}

{dozens hotels...nice ones and not that nice ones}

{one of the benefits staying at the hotel}

{naps behind the tent}

{can't forget your ABC's during summer}

{practice for Cirque du Soleil...Isabella is working on her dream}

{consumed a lot tasty, but not healthy art fair foods}

{made lots and lots of art projects at the art festival tent for kids}

{admired a variety of different, magnificent, facinating art}

{visited local attractions...exp. The world's most inspiring Georgia Aquarium}

{explored local outdoors...exp. Cuyahoga Valley National Park}

{most of the holidays celebrated on the road}

{obsered local fashion trends}

{it's not always rainbows and butterflies}

{always have to be prepared and alert!}

{have to be prepared for the apocalyptic storms...}

{...and long term rain}

{...and very cold temperatures...exp.below freezing in Atlanta!}

{staying warm with the help of moving blankets}

{and sometimes we get injured....
John tore his bicep while helping to lift other artist's collapsed tent}

{we make friends}

{we entertain friends...exp. Jasper }

{play together with artist's kids}

{grow together...}

{play checkers}

{create scary faces}

{winning some awards}

{sharing experiences with fellow artists}

{cherish unexpected visits by old Gig from Thailand}

{enjoyed art festivals with sunshine...}
{...and art festivals after dusk}

{...and at the end watched hundreds of beautiful sunsets}

It was an awesome year and looking forward for another awesome year full of adventures, as my new art festival season will start in February!


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Isabella's Art With Leaves

Fall afternoon art projects with Isabella (soon to be 7 years old :)

Try's a lot of fun!