Saturday, November 19, 2011

2011 Art Festival Summary

Art Festival season is over... shows are a lot of work, but a lot of fun as well... 21 shows...7600 miles of driving (you can go straight from San Francisco, California to Archangelsk, Russia :-) lots of packing...unpacking...setting ups and settings rain or in extreme heat...met thousands of interesting and not that interesting people...great show organizers and some annoying ones...hundreds amazing artists...and most important...had an awesome time with my family!!!  

Here are a few snapshots from the festivals:    

{had many of those}

{old tent was leaking and I had a personal pond in my tent}

 {artists love sunshine, but not the heat}

 {art shows in big cities and some shows in small villages}

 {daddy training Isabella for Cirque Du Soleil :-)

 {sometimes cars would not start}

 {Isabella made a robot at the children's craft tent}

 {I love my new beautiful pendant made by artist Denise Lee Robertson}

 {after the rain}

 {our miss model}

 {best spot ever! I could hang paintings all around the tent :-}

 {loosing temper}

 {making faces at customers}


 {entertaining locals}

 {always falling to sleep at dinners}


 {talking about politics with daddy}

 {nap in daddy's arms}

 {...or like this}

{having fun with artist Ed King }

 {stayed in good and not so good hotels}

 {drank enormous amount of Starbucks coffee}

 {my little assistant}

 {portable movie theater}

 {running in the rain}

 {tired of restaurant food}

 {lots of lunches to go}

 {found "hidden treasures" like this small Lithuanian Park in Baltimore MD}

 {...going back home we always took a picture of the sunset}

I would like to thank my wonderful husband...I could not have done it without him :)